What Is Machine Safeguarding?

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In any industrial shop or application when machinery is involved, machine safeguarding is critical to preventing unnecessary injuries or fatalities when being used. A thorough machine safeguard assessment is your first line of defense against injuries and accidents.

A proper safeguarding system eliminates the following:

The chance that objects will fall near the operator or the machine itself

That the safeguard will create a new hazard. For example, if it creates an object that is sharp or jagged or causes other types of harm to the operator it completely defeats the purpose of the safeguard in the first place.

Interference- The operator or worker should be able to complete the job easily or comfortably without any interference.

Where Injuries Can Occur:

Point of Operation – This includes when the material is being worked on such as cutting, shaping, boring and

Motions – Where the machine is in motion, including rotating, transversing and reciprocating. Rotating motions can be especially dangerous as they continue to move continuously after grabbing a limb or piece of clothing. Examples of rotating mechanisms include collars, couplings, cams, clutches, flywheels, shaft ends, spindles and meshing gears.

Power Transmission Apparatus – This includes the areas of the machine that are transmitting power for the machine to work. This could include chains, pulleys, gears, and cranks.


Even with the highest standards of machine safeguarding, without the proper knowledge or training it cannot prevent against accidents completely. Proper safeguards should include instructions on how to use, the possible risks associated, as well as what to do if the safeguards are damaged

There are many non-mechanical hazards that can affect the safety and productivity of your operations. This could be electrical sources such as power outlets, chemical concerns, and noise levels. Here at BP Automation, we work to eliminate all hazards with machine safeguarding or plant assessment services. Having a machine safeguarding assessment or plant safeguarding done will protect your employees and improve productivity, as well as the morale and viability of the company.

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BP Automation Will Attend the WMTS Show

BP Automation will be attending the WMTS – Western Manufacturing Technology Show. WMTS is Western Canada’s Meeting Place for Manufacturing Technologies, Trends & Industry Connections. This show has taken place over 30 years where manufacturers all over Western Canada attend to display the latest products and solutions and to network.

Key features of the Event Include

Manufacturing Technology Exhibits

Keynotes and Special Presentations

SME Zone

Job Shop Appreciation Reception

Knowledge Bars

Opening Night Reception

Get tickets to the event here

Visit us at Booth 303 from June 4-6th, 2019 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. BP Automation is a leader in automated engineering solutions. We are a one-stop-shop for customers seeking solutions to manufacturing problems, labour requirements, production capacity and quality control. We offer diverse skills and services from prototype development to automated machine fabrication and control. We look forward to meeting everyone at the show and bringing together great manufacturing and technology solutions. For more information about the show please feel free to contact us.

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Plant Automation Services – BP Automation Edmonton, AB

Successful and smooth industrial operations depend on intelligent engineering, effective plant design, and efficient workflow processes. In order for daily plant operations to function smoothly, maintenance solutions that streamline processes and workflows must be in place. Many businesses need automation to grow and scale but need help when it comes to the process. In these cases, BP Automation helps to define the details and where charges are necessary. Automation may also require design changes to the product to accommodate a more efficient process.

Not every application is the same when it comes to the approach of automation and how to create simultaneous processes. There are specific safety requirements and training for every process. We create the highest efficiencies possible, while ensuring that safety is the first priority. Plant Automation creates a higher standard of safety as well reducing the amount of “hands on” work required and labor intensive activities.

There are many approaches to plant automation, tor example, one of the executions of our success here at BP Automation when it comes to plant automation is that when you are working with a piece of material or an item is to perform every task that you can with the material while you have it in your possession. By cutting and measuring at different stations you end up losing useful minutes between handling the item. This is just one example of how material handling can be automatized to move a plant much quicker and leaner.

A team of engineers not only can reduce costs by detecting inefficiencies in your plant, they can streamline and help create simultaneous processing.

Plant Automation Services Include:

Upgrade Strategies – Learn what systems should be upgraded.

Safety – Ensuring your safety standards are up to date.

Material Handling – Discover lean manufacturing processes >p>

Design – product design changes for increased efficiency.

Case Study – Hard Surface Machine, reduced time 8 hours to 3.5 hours. For more information or to get a plant automation quote in Alberta please contact us today.

For more information on plant automation services or risk assessment please contact BP Automation for a consultation or any questions we are here to help you move one step ahead.

Internal Pipe Cladding Fully Automated Corrosion Solutions

BP Automation has been building custom automated machines since 1997, including over 200 different applications and 50 different Welding Systems.

External Pipe Cladding

external pipe cladding

-PTA, MIG, Tip-Tig all in one

-3 Dimensional hard surfacing

-Dual Powder

4-Head Straight Pipe Cladding

Our process reduces welding time from 5 weeks to 5 days.

– 8-60 inch diameter

– Single or dual mode

– Up to 40 ft Length

Elbow Pipe Cladding – Edmonton, Alberta

-Set the pipe on the stands

-Set bottom elevation

-Set side fence diameter

-Load welding parameters

-Start welding

Watch Now – BP Automation Pipe Cladding Edmonton, AB

Robotics and Automation Trends For 2019

What does the world of robotics have in store for 2019? Here are some of the top driving forces when it comes to robotics in 2019

Language Processing

With the Amazon Echo and Google Home taking over voice recognition for you home in 2017 and 2018 this trend will continue into 2019. Not only language recognition tools in many of the applications we use.

Augmented Reality

Companies such as UPS and Walmart have virtual reality training initiatives rolled out to train future employees. This will continue into 2019 as more companies move away from traditional training. In some high risk situations such as military, surgery, and other medical response a real time error can be costly in field training, therefore simulation decreases risk of a costly mistake. According to Nguyen, the top three enterprise AR use cases right now include task itemization ( A tool that gives you a list of what to do on the warehouse floor), design and collaboration (interior design mainly), and video guidance (such as talking to someone and outlining what to do on your screen to finish a job or learn a skill).

Self Driving Cars

With the development of self driving cars, the industry is being completely transformed. In addition to self driving cars the business of self driving services will set new standards for 2019. Google subsidiary Waymo is the first firm to offer a self-driving taxi service. The self driving car service is set to grow into a $285 billion annual market by 2030 General Motors is already stepping up its game when it comes to self driving cars. They have a fleet of self-driving vehicles that it’s been testing through its Cruise Automation subsidiary, and the automaker has plans to begin mass producing fully autonomous cars, without steering wheels or pedals, starting in 2019.

Mobile and Cashless Payment Systems

We see more and more systems in place to take your money without the traditional cash system. Although many people are already using their mobile phones to take cash such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, there is still going to be much more growth for these types of systems in 2019. Not only will we see more mobile payment systems but the increase in crypto currencies for payment. Merchants will and should embrace these new systems. Can we say goodbye cash and checks?

Robotics in Construction

From product planning, to actual construction and inspection the rise of automation and robotics in construction will continue to increase safety and quality in construction.

Watch more below

Jobs in 2019

Robotics does not always mean lost jobs. The increase in automation in many industries creates different tasks for workers rather than a complete job loss in the sector. When it comes to the career force in 2019, there will be an increased for many jobs that related to robotics, AI and automation. Data scientists will be needed to handle large sets of data for AI implementation and cyber security. Financial planners and managers will still be in high demand especially with new payment systems.

The world of possibilities for robotics in 2019 will be at all all time high and here at BP Automation in Edmonton, AB we are excited to have a front seat to this fascinating industry.

Material Handling Project Feature – Fire Hose Packaging

At BP Automation, automating redundancy and processes in your business is our specialty. We work with a with a wide range of industries to increase industrial efficiency. Lets take a look at one of our project features. Here is a material handling project that we completed where we developed a machine to perform the packaging of fire hoses.

Material handling - fire hose packaging material handling services - fire hose packaging

Watch The Video Here:

Learn more about our Material Handling Service

Minimize error rate and labor cost while enhancing capabilities to handle the workload. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to manufacture scalable material handling systems. Contact us to learn more.

Milling Gear Cutter Project

Gear cutting is any machining process for cutting a gear. The most common gear-cutting processes include hobbing, broaching, milling, and grinding. In the gear cutting process the cutter is formed according to the shape of the tooth. In the milling process a milling machine and a form cutter are used, which is passed through the gear blank to form the tooth gap. One main advantage of gear milling is that it can produce almost any type of gear.

Watch the gear cutting video from BP Automation here:

BP Automation designs and manufactures state-of-the-art automated metal fabrication tools to cater the individual needs of the steel fabrication industry. Contact us today to learn more.

milling gear cutter milling gear cutter milling gear cutter

Robotics In The Oil and Gas Industry

Robotic technology in the oil and gas industry is a growing trend. A report by International Data Corporation said the worldwide robotics market will be worth $135.4 billion in 2019. Despite their size and potential investment capital, the oil and gas industry hasn’t previously been a huge adopter of new robotics technology. However, this is changing.

Examples of robotic technology includes remotely-operated aerial drones, automated underwater vehicles, robotic drills and much more. Robotic vehicles are also being used offshore to inspect and make minor subsea repairs. The less manpower required offshore and in unknown conditions the better. Downtime on an oil rig or other drilling site is also expensive so robots are helping solve this problem to boost productivity. They are also removing redundant and routine tasks and automating them.

Besides precision, consistency and repetition, safety is one of the top priorities for robotics in the oil and gas industry. Due to vigorous and dangerous situations that oil and gas work can cause workers, automating the industry has led to much safer working conditions. This is especially important in offshore working conditions. For example, Iron Roughneck, the which is a robot used in the oil and gas industry, removes the dangerous task of connecting drill pipes as they are pushed through kilometres of ocean water and rock.

Read more: Robotics in the Dairy Industry

Let’s take a look at NOVOS. NOVOS is taking it to the next level with process automation,” Springett told Rigzone. “Process automation is not necessarily looking at ‘how do I move pipe from Point A to Point B?’ It’s ‘how are we manufacturing a well-bore?’

The oil and gas industry is a boom and bust industry in the fact that the price of oil has seen large increases and decreases over the past century. High prices have meant soaring profits and possibly large inefficiencies in the production portion. This becomes even more obvious as of lately with lower prices, the afforadability is not available when it comes to these inneficiencies.

For more information about building customized machinery and robotics for automation contact us here at BP Automation

IRAP – Research Grants For Canadian Businesses

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IRAP, the Industrial Research Assistance Program helps Canadian innovators by providing them funding or research grants to execute their research and development projects. The payoff of a new technoloy, machine or improved automation processes can be great both financially and beneficially to certain industries. There is however many upfront costs when developing new technology which is why the IRAP is a great choice for businesses. Those who are creating innovative prototypes or technology that will improve processes are considered first for the IRAP grants. Activities include assessment and development of technologies to improve internal processes, feasibility studies and assessments for new services/product ventures, and prototype engineering activities.

Details and Elibibility

In order to qualify for the IRAP Program businesses need to meet the following requirements:

-Must be a small and medium-sized enterprise in Canada, incorporated and profit-oriented.

-The maximum contribution for the program is $50K.

-Businesses must be incorporated for 2 years and have between 1-500 people on the payroll.

-Applications must be completed within one year.

-Must have the objective to grow and generate profits through development and commercialization of innovative, technology-driven new or improved products, services, or processes in Canada.

-Each business will consult with an Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) to evaluate the firm and the project before entering into a financial commitment.

Contact IRAP today.

Funding is released each year on April 1st. Here at BP Automation we have helped our clients get approval from the IRAP program when they are pursuing a prototype or a new project. If you have more questions about the program and your next project please contact us today.

Why Automation Is Not a Risk For Job Losses

IIoT And Significance Of Implementing New Industrial Technologies

There is no doubt that no matter how you look at it, technology and automation are changing the way we do our jobs. The outcry about job losses and the removal of labour jobs around throughout the country does spark fear in many. However automation does provide a clear set of opportunities for Canadian workers. As the need to manage and create new technology there is a shift from repetitive and autonomous jobs to those with manual dexterity or higher cognitive skills.

Lets take a look at our local market. According to a recent study Alberta is well positioned to deal with the adjustment, “Alberta is tied for second place with British Columbia, and behind Ontario, in a study examining how well provincial economies will deal with automation.” . This is partially to due its high standard for literacy and numeracy and expands into digital problem-solving.

. Automation does provide new highly valued and well-paying jobs. A Deloitte study of automation in the U.K. found that 800,000 low-skilled jobs were eliminated as the result of automation technologies and artificial intelligence BUT 3.5 million new jobs were created. On average these jobs paid almost $13,000 more per year than the ones that were lost. Is there some discretion and confusion from those who lost jobs and how they can transalate their skills into new jobs? Absolutely this is going to happen, however, with the resources available today such as Palette Inc. to discover new jobs and uses for your skills the transition from the old to the new is much less daunting. They are a pilot designed to help mid-career workers whose jobs are threatened by automation to retrain and upskill into high demand careers in the innovation economy

As we continue to move into the shift from it is exciting to see the opportunities that wil give workers a time to utilize their skills and expand fulfillement and passion when it comes to their work. One of the top priorities we have here at BP Automation in Edmonton, AB is the ability to give our employees the chance to create new ideas and be at the cutting edge of automation technology.