IRAP – Research Grants For Canadian Businesses

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IRAP, the Industrial Research Assistance Program helps Canadian innovators by providing them funding or research grants to execute their research and development projects. The payoff of a new technoloy, machine or improved automation processes can be great both financially and beneficially to certain industries. There is however many upfront costs when developing new technology which is why the IRAP is a great choice for businesses. Those who are creating innovative prototypes or technology that will improve processes are considered first for the IRAP grants. Activities include assessment and development of technologies to improve internal processes, feasibility studies and assessments for new services/product ventures, and prototype engineering activities.

Details and Elibibility

In order to qualify for the IRAP Program businesses need to meet the following requirements:

-Must be a small and medium-sized enterprise in Canada, incorporated and profit-oriented.

-The maximum contribution for the program is $50K.

-Businesses must be incorporated for 2 years and have between 1-500 people on the payroll.

-Applications must be completed within one year.

-Must have the objective to grow and generate profits through development and commercialization of innovative, technology-driven new or improved products, services, or processes in Canada.

-Each business will consult with an Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) to evaluate the firm and the project before entering into a financial commitment.

Contact IRAP today.

Funding is released each year on April 1st. Here at BP Automation we have helped our clients get approval from the IRAP program when they are pursuing a prototype or a new project. If you have more questions about the program and your next project please contact us today.

Prototype Development Products

Prototype development brings ideas to life by creating models of that design you have been planning and dreaming of. A prototype is a physical representation used to illustrate and verify aspects of a conceptual design as part of the development process for a new product or technology. It can range from a small hand held model to a large scale fully functioning design.

Prototype development services should make sure to analyze ergonomics and implement all factors in the design. Here are a few prototype development products from BP Automation

Servo Controlled Plastic Injection Welder
Tubing Encoder
Prototype Magnetic Hall Effect Inspection
Prototype Electric Skates

At BP Automation here in Edmonton, AB we follow a systematic approach when it comes to our prootyping services. We have an in house team of product developers and engineers who do the following:

-Identify your specific needs. -Convert your needs into product design specifications. -Engineering design. -Prototyping to evaluate the concept.

To learn more about prototypes and if you should consider a prototype design solutioncontact us at BP Automation.