Flux Leakage


Flux leakage is one of the inspection solutions we provide to help industries refine their quality control processes. It is one of the popular nondestructive techniques to carry out metallic pipeline inspection. With the development of latest sensor materials and microelectronic systems, flux leakage techniques have improved significantly in terms of capabilities and applications.

The significance of inspection and quality control increases when customers expect high-quality products. Our engineering expertise focuses on building custom and efficient inspection solutions depending on the nature of a project and client’s requirements.

Our repute stands for highly efficient inspection technologies and diverse automation solutions. Our in-house capabilities allow us to deliver flexible and customized inspection solutions across industries. Our flux leakage equipment helps manufacturers scan the circumference and length of a pipeline, providing high-resolution information on pipe wall condition.

We are fully equipped both in terms of resources and skills, capable of developing highly effective inspection technologies. Feel free to discuss your inspection and quality control needs with us.

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