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Industrial automation

Production Automation is the process of automating processes within an operational setting. Its main goal is to improve the efficiency of labor and the quality of finished products to create conditions for the optimum utilization of all production resources.

Production Automation and Plant automation continue to move on an upward trend going into the new decade. The prediction for the global industrial automation market is an increase from US$157 billion in 2018 to about US$297 billion by 2026, growing in excess of 8% annually.

Production Machines can help you to achieve efficient workflow, labor use, and allocation of resources. Custom machines that are built to fit a company’s operational needs can improve production for either a specific department or their entire plant. Here are just some of the machines that are included in the automation process.

Cutting Machines

Automated Cutting Machines allows producers to increase their output of material while ensuring that the material is to the precise measurements and quality for each project. For example, a Flying Cuttoff Machine eliminates any stop in the production process, allowing the material to be continuously and accurately cut without any errors. Cutt offs cut material or completed shapes into a predetermined length without creating any stop in motion on the shop floor.

BP Automation was able to save one company thousands in costs with this Corian Cutting System which made manual cutting history by eliminating the need for set-up, cutting, and gluing and clamping. It took cutting time from 210 minutes to 1.5 minutes.

Food Processing Machines

The use of production automation in the food and beverage industry helps to produce quality products for increased demands. According to a survey from the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, 94% of food packaging operations are using robotics already. As for food processing, approximately a third of companies are using robotics.

A food processing mixer which helps to assist in keeping food mixtures in a homogenous state while filling jars. BP Automation designed and fabricated a mixer that would continuously lift, mix, stir and compact the food in a uniform manner created consistency and reduced labor.

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Material Handling Machines

Material Handling allows you to have better control over every factor. By doing so, you can minimize error rate and labor costs while enhancing capabilities to handle the workload. For example, custom conveyor systems, extraction systems, and storage systems for material are all types of automated material handling systems.

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If you are looking for Production Automation Edmonton, AB BP Automation has worked with many industries to improve their automation and production processes across all areas of their business.

Robotics and Automation Trends For 2019

What does the world of robotics have in store for 2019? Here are some of the top driving forces when it comes to robotics in 2019

Language Processing

With the Amazon Echo and Google Home taking over voice recognition for you home in 2017 and 2018 this trend will continue into 2019. Not only language recognition tools in many of the applications we use.

Augmented Reality

Companies such as UPS and Walmart have virtual reality training initiatives rolled out to train future employees. This will continue into 2019 as more companies move away from traditional training. In some high risk situations such as military, surgery, and other medical response a real time error can be costly in field training, therefore simulation decreases risk of a costly mistake. According to Nguyen, the top three enterprise AR use cases right now include task itemization ( A tool that gives you a list of what to do on the warehouse floor), design and collaboration (interior design mainly), and video guidance (such as talking to someone and outlining what to do on your screen to finish a job or learn a skill).

Self Driving Cars

With the development of self driving cars, the industry is being completely transformed. In addition to self driving cars the business of self driving services will set new standards for 2019. Google subsidiary Waymo is the first firm to offer a self-driving taxi service. The self driving car service is set to grow into a $285 billion annual market by 2030 General Motors is already stepping up its game when it comes to self driving cars. They have a fleet of self-driving vehicles that it’s been testing through its Cruise Automation subsidiary, and the automaker has plans to begin mass producing fully autonomous cars, without steering wheels or pedals, starting in 2019.

Mobile and Cashless Payment Systems

We see more and more systems in place to take your money without the traditional cash system. Although many people are already using their mobile phones to take cash such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, there is still going to be much more growth for these types of systems in 2019. Not only will we see more mobile payment systems but the increase in crypto currencies for payment. Merchants will and should embrace these new systems. Can we say goodbye cash and checks?

Robotics in Construction

From product planning, to actual construction and inspection the rise of automation and robotics in construction will continue to increase safety and quality in construction.

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Jobs in 2019

Robotics does not always mean lost jobs. The increase in automation in many industries creates different tasks for workers rather than a complete job loss in the sector. When it comes to the career force in 2019, there will be an increased for many jobs that related to robotics, AI and automation. Data scientists will be needed to handle large sets of data for AI implementation and cyber security. Financial planners and managers will still be in high demand especially with new payment systems.

The world of possibilities for robotics in 2019 will be at all all time high and here at BP Automation in Edmonton, AB we are excited to have a front seat to this fascinating industry.

Material Handling Project Feature – Fire Hose Packaging

At BP Automation, automating redundancy and processes in your business is our specialty. We work with a with a wide range of industries to increase industrial efficiency. Lets take a look at one of our project features. Here is a material handling project that we completed where we developed a machine to perform the packaging of fire hoses.

Material handling - fire hose packaging material handling services - fire hose packaging

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Minimize error rate and labor cost while enhancing capabilities to handle the workload. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to manufacture scalable material handling systems. Contact us to learn more.