Advantages of Custom Control Panel

The control panel is essentially the heart of your entire operation when it comes to electrical supply for each machine or your entire shop floor. A poorly designed control panel can cause safety concerns and interrupt the operations of your industrial business.

A custom control panel is built as a single-source solution or as a complex control solution and are designed to typically address unique concerns. This is especially important if you are running multiple operations or in a hazardous location.

A custom control panel from BP Automation can give you the following features:

-Temperature Controls

-Motion Controls

-Process Controls

-Center Controls

-Data Logging

-Recipe Controls

Through the use of Human Machine Interface technology, our custom control panels receipe and store specific settings to make user control simpler and allow for accuracy and increased productivity. control panels, custom control cabinets

Ensure that your control panel is build sufficiently and that it is compatable with your operations. If you need a custom build or help with the electrical design we are here to help. At BP Automation we design custom control cabinets to ensure that a machine is safe and that the efficiecncy of the machine can be maximized. Sticking with an ensuring that all panels and machines the latest and most rigorous industrial standards is extremly important to us.

Contact us to day to learn more about custom control cabinets and other automation solutions.