Design Pipe measuring robot



The client approached BP Automation to design a robot to measure pipe lengths. The client’s billing and shipping systems rely on accurate measurements and human errors made during measuring were creating an ongoing challenge. In addition, the manual measurement process required two full-time employees per shift. Given the menial nature of the job, these positions were difficult to fill and subject to significant turnover.


BP Automation designed a custom robot to travel the length of the pipe while it was still on the rack and provide an accurate measurement. In addition to the base requirements of measuring the pipe’s length, the automated solution included a number of value-added features, including:

  • Addition of a printer head to stencil pipe automatically
  • Addition of a defect detection system to inspect the pipe’s coating
  • Development of a unique design to ensure robot’s measuring arms can be struck by the pipe without being damaged


  1. Reduction in labour by three staff per day
  2. Accurate length measurement to streamline billing and shipping processes

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