Inspection & QC Technology Development


Increasing complexity of manufacturing processes demands dependable inspection, control and testing to avoid a potential quality crisis. Nearly every industry, regardless of the type and size, is required quality control (QC) in order to monitor and evaluate its production quality. Quality, flexibility, time, and cost are considered as among the most significant competitive weapons in order for manufacturing companies to grow.

Our inspection & QC technology development services are designed to drastically improve the quality of manufacturing processes and reduce the number of manual tasks needed for the quality control and inspection, improving the company’s efficiency and precision. Check out some of the features of our inspection and QC solutions:

  • Decreased reject costs
  • Ensure product specification
  • Increased products average quality
  • Increased profitability
  • Scalability and diversity

Quality and productivity determine the competitiveness of a company. If a company is facing serious problems in these areas, certain quality control techniques have to be applied to improve the situation. BP Automation, a team of highly experienced and dedicated engineers, has been delivering tailor-made quality management and inspection solutions to a wide range of industries in Canada for many years.

We are here to solve your key quality challenges and streamline your manufacturing processes through innovation and cutting edge automation technology.

BP Automation can help your business increase production by over 50%. To learn how

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