Prototype Development

Prototype development is a key process to develop and create a successful product. It is a challenging task to create profitable and economically viable manufacturing solutions in a competitive global market environment. In order to remain competitive, a manufacturer needs high-quality and inexpensive machines that can facilitate customers changing needs and requirements. A successful company has to manufacture a line of good value products with great speed, precision and consistency. Therefore, the fine execution of the critical tasks in the production-definition stage is of paramount significance.

The production definition stage is not all about defining a product, the actual developmental activities deal with a number of critical product attributes. In other words, the concurrent engineering of various steps in the initial stage from acquiring customer requirements, problem statement, conceptual design, design for assembly, design for manufacturing, and product prototyping to validate the concept, etc. To develop a spot-on product, it is important that design is validated through developing several prototypes. As a manufacturer, it is important to consider that prototype development can be an expensive and time-consuming venture.

Prototype manufacturing

Prototype manufacturing is often referred to as prototype development. A prototype design is the first product to be fabricated considering the original idea. During the fabrication process, tools such as jigs, dies, and fixtures are not specially made for mass production. Machinists often utilize whatever tools they have to make things happen. Prototype manufacturing, as mentioned earlier, is a time-consuming process for every stage of it is like a first-time trial as there is no pre-established technique or process. Besides, engineers have to deal with errors, trials, and mistakes throughout the production process.

In the manufacturing industry, engineering companies take prototype development as a business contract and go through the process of setting up all the equipment required to accomplish the project.

Rapid prototyping

A variety of industries use the term rapid prototyping to refer to the process of rapidly developing a product before the final release. Software engineers often use the term to explain the process of developing software solutions in steps so that stakeholders can provide their feedback during the developmental process.

Although all industrial prototypes are developed for clients, these prototypes are not often sold by these clients. Instead, they are employed to study the dynamics of a newly created solution. They are thoroughly tested in order to determine their performance against established specifications. Engineers also use these prototypes to figure out changes that could improve the overall quality of the product.

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