Flying cut-off saw or cut-offs are used to cut various types of steel, panels, tube or any types of completed shapes into a predetermined length. They repetitively cut on the fly and provide continuous cutting in motion to provide continuous and increased production.

At BP Automation we design and manufacture fully automated flying cutoff saws that will allow you to cut material at a desired length and point without stopping material. Some of the features of our automated cutting machines, like flying cutoff saw, are high speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

Investing in a flying cutt off saw can save time and cost for businesses. Especially when it comes to quality cuts as there is less destroyed material or changes that need to be made due to jagged edges or other imperfections.

Here is one of the saws we use at BP Automation:

Flying Cuttoff saw, with a 34 inch blade.

flying cutt off saw  tube cutting services Edmonton

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BP Automation strives to produce automated machines that are customized, highly efficient and affordable, making it easier for you to automate your production processes.

We like to think about our machines as “putting the brains into the steel.” For more information about automation solutions contact us today.