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This year has brought many challenges and demand for cooling systems in both residential and commercial spaces. According to Axios the latest Northwest heat wave is causing a worldwide growing cooling need. Extreme heat can be a severe safety issue as well as a costly business issue when it comes to refrigerating and cooling essential products. Roughly 2 billion air conditioning units are in operation worldwide, per a 2020 International Energy Agency (IEA) report. The global number of units installed could rise by two-thirds by 2030, per IEA.


Machine controls or Temperature Control Units provide convenient and efficient access for the operator to control the entire system and are the heart of your industrial operations. Fully Automated HVAC systems uses digital technology and smart controls to pre-program all functions using fixed schedules and precise set points. Not only can you easily operate the entire system from one system there are remote options available to change heating and cooling settings.

Cost Reduction

Automation of heating and cooling systems reduces the manpower required to operate environmental controls, while also reducing heating and cooling costs. You can save time by automatically shutting down HVAC systems based on time of day or occupancy level. Program start times to minimize wasteful mixing of mechanically heated or cooled air. Automatically open and close damper controls for air intake and exhaust systems to reduce energy use.

Monitoring Systems

Maintaining a complex heating and cooling system can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges with these systems is when there is a malfunction and the problem must be investigated. Installing systems that have monitoring of real time data can help to determine when a component is likely to fail or needs maintenance before it causes problems to the entire system.

Our team of engineers at BP Automation can help to analyze, design and manufacture automated heating and cooling systems. We provide turnkey solutions that are pre-programmed and ready to go. Contact BP Automation to learn more.