Robotics in the food and beverage industry

Over the years like many industries the food and beverage industry has seen tremendous growth in Automation. Not only does it improve the safety, cleanliness, and production of the facility, but it is also much more cost-effective to continuously produce a product for orders.

Quality Control

The food and beverage industry is known for some of the most severe regulations when it comes to quality control of product and manufacturing. Automation in this industry helps to increase quality control and reduce the risk of rejected products. Robotics can also provide the ability to monitor and track each step of the food packaging process. The chances of contamination, especially from human contact is decreased when robotics are adopted into the manufacturing process and will help the manufacturer detect the root of contamination, should it occur.


Automation takes food processing fulfillment to the next level when it comes to fulfilling orders. As orders changes to demands and product lines require flexible automation can fulfill the fast-paced needs of consumable goods.

Inline Dough Weight System

The dough weight system below designed by BP Automation was created to automatically weigh dough for full control, uniform portion weights, and reduced giveaway. An optional reject system automatically rejects off-weights catching the dough before it is moved to the next step in the cooking process.

inline dough weight system

Food Process Filling

Ensure accurate and consistent fulfillment seamlessly create orders continuously. It also reduces the amount of time to rework orders

Whether you are considering one step in your food processing plant or multiple prepping and cooking stages BP Automation can help you plan, design, engineer and manufacture your product in house. Contact us for more information today.