Industrial Automation Software: Development And Applications

Before the personal computer (PC) was incorporated into the manufacturing systems, the quality control (QC) process was carried out by skilled operators. For instance, in the welding processes, operators were supposed to maintain the quality and precision during work. On top of that, operators had to perform most of their work manually. Another example was the condition monitoring systems for the natural gas pipeline network.

It was not practically possible to accurately monitor the remote measurement parameters as operators were prone to mistakes in dealing with large and complex data. Therefore, it was absolutely necessary to develop intelligent automation machines and software which could perform complex tasks with great speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

The adoption of industrial PC in a broad range of industrial applications has completely changed the manufacturing landscape. The rapid development of information technologies has provided manufacturers with sufficient technical support for building efficient production and quality control systems.

Full automation of an industrial measurement system can only be realized with the help of computerized real-time monitoring analysis and automation technologies. Information technology can help system operators and decision makers to improve the overall efficiency of a system.

Applications of industrial automation software

We can classify the applications of industrial automation software into following categories:

  • Measurement and control
  • Monitoring of process parameters
  • Search, processing, presentation and acquisition of industrial parameters
  • Communication and network sharing
  • Quality testing and analysis
  • Power management
  • Equipment monitoring and management
  • Condition monitoring for large machines
  • Safety and security management

Over the past few years, automation and software engineering companies have developed successful software applications for various industrial fields. There is a number of commercially available software packages that manufacturer can utilize to improve their manufacturing operations.

Modern industrial software products are built with diverse and independently functioning modules. They provide manufacturers with opportunities to increase productivity and management effectiveness of their operations. The considerate use of data acquisition across factory floor can help you improve productivity and profitability. The scope of industrial information technology will be broadened as companies are demanding enhanced capabilities in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, scalability, expandability, and interoperability.

Information technology and automated machines can bring dramatic improvements to your existing manufacturing processes. The rapid development of microprocessors and other innovative technologies have transformed the industrial measurement and instrumentation systems. Manufacturers should make a timely use of automation technologies in order to satisfy more and more demanding user requirements. It is the only way you can stay competitive and profitable in an increasingly demanding industrial environment.

Considering the growing demand for highly efficient and intelligent machines and control systems, BP Automation designs and manufactures economically viable and efficient automation solutions for a broad range of industrial applications including machining, welding & fabrication, electronics & sensors, measurement & instrumentation, and product development. Feel free to discuss your manufacturing complexities and needs with us.