Successful and smooth industrial operations depend on intelligent engineering, effective plant design, and efficient workflow processes. In order for daily plant operations to function smoothly, maintenance solutions that streamline processes and workflows must be in place. Many businesses need automation to grow and scale but need help when it comes to the process. In these cases, BP Automation helps to define the details and where charges are necessary. Automation may also require design changes to the product to accommodate a more efficient process.

Not every application is the same when it comes to the approach of automation and how to create simultaneous processes. There are specific safety requirements and training for every process. We create the highest efficiencies possible, while ensuring that safety is the first priority. Plant Automation creates a higher standard of safety as well reducing the amount of “hands on” work required and labor intensive activities.

There are many approaches to plant automation, tor example, one of the executions of our success here at BP Automation when it comes to plant automation is that when you are working with a piece of material or an item is to perform every task that you can with the material while you have it in your possession. By cutting and measuring at different stations you end up losing useful minutes between handling the item. This is just one example of how material handling can be automatized to move a plant much quicker and leaner.

A team of engineers not only can reduce costs by detecting inefficiencies in your plant, they can streamline and help create simultaneous processing.

Plant Automation Services Include:

Upgrade Strategies – Learn what systems should be upgraded.

Safety – Ensuring your safety standards are up to date.

Material Handling – Discover lean manufacturing processes >p>

Design – product design changes for increased efficiency.

Case Study – Hard Surface Machine, reduced time 8 hours to 3.5 hours. For more information or to get a plant automation quote in Alberta please contact us today.

For more information on plant automation services or risk assessment please contact BP Automation for a consultation or any questions we are here to help you move one step ahead.