robotic dairy farming

Automated farming continues to take large steps in growth. Dairy farming is no different. This industry is extremly important for the economy and overall population, however to sustain a dairy farm most farmers spend hours per day milking cattle day in and day out.

As automation takes the hand in the dairy industry, farmers can lay their hands and buckets to rest and run sections of their farms on autopilot. Over the past few years it has increased by large strides taking over conventional methods.

When it comes to this industry robotic or automatic milking machines help to increase production and flexibility for dairy farmers. These automated milking machines allow for the cows to milked at anytime without an individual present. In most cases detailed data can be recorded provding dairy farmers. Traditionally with automatic milking systems farmers would have to connect the machines to the cow themselves. With a custom robotic system a person does not need to be physically present.

Robotic milking systems can provide the following:

-Cleaning -Attachment -Milking -Disinfection -Attending to alarms -Monitoring performance of cows

Robotic milking also increases health for cows as enzymes in the milk are easily detected. With early signs of illness that can be detected from the smart machines, cattle can be treated sooner and decrease risk of further illness being spread througout.

Free Cow Traffic is just one method that can occur during robotic milking. Cattle do not necessarily need to be consistently gated for robotic milking to occur. It allows the cattle to roam free and move from the feed fence, water troughs and to the robot and cubicles without being restricted from fencing or selection gates. It has been known to yield higher milk production and reduced risk of mastitis one of the most common illnesses of dairy cattle. Not only does this method yeield highter rates of production and less illness it requires less requirements from the farmer to invest in further gates.

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