vertical farming edmonton

Vertical Farming Systems

Vertical farming technology increases the production of crops and reduces yields. Crops are produced in vertically stacked layers of plant beds. It mostly relies on hydroponics or aeroponics and the lighting mainly relies on LED lighting in replacement of sunlight to grow plants. Standard growing tables are not efficient when it comes to growing plants and heating an indoor space for growing. Especially when paying to heat or cool air above tables that could have a fully prospering crop. BP Automation in Edmonton, AB can engineer quality growing systems for your indoor farming needs.

Vertical Grow Racks

Increase your profits and your yield with a vertical growing system. vertical grow garden rack systems reconfigure typically made from high-quality powder-coated steel for a long-lasting product. You can design a garden rack system that is two or three-level, as well as if you want the tray and light supports and growing trays. Vertical systems provide create a fully scalable and expandable system, and allow for multiple tiers of plants to be cultivated on the same system and in any space. They also give the benefit of proper ventilation, and an LED grow light system.

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Mobile Rack Systems

When it comes to vertical farming Mobile Racks systems allow you to move entire rows of racking beside one another utilizing the maximum amount of space. Growers can almost double canopy space for potential crops, especially if you are using a stacked system. You also have access to each side of the racks for ease of watering and harvesting crops. At BP Automation we can create a rack systems that is seismically engineered to protect crops protected and stable should any natural disaster strike.

Low Rise Grow Trays

Low rise grow trays or rolling bench systems can be used in indoor farming. They are built to increase airflow beneath the benches makes it easier for your climate control system to reduce humidity and reach growth goals while using less energy. This type of system also allows workers to work comfortably from a seated or standing position as they can move the benches of crop along for maintenance and water. Along with being a practical product for largescale grows, this type of design allows proper airflow for the optimal growth of crops.

Vertical farming technology can be custom engineered to fit your specific growing system. Our systems can integrate with your facility and equipment or design and install our systems in your new construction. We can custom design and engineer your vertical farming system. Contact us today to learn more.