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In any industrial shop or application when machinery is involved, machine safeguarding is critical to preventing unnecessary injuries or fatalities when being used. A thorough machine safeguard assessment is your first line of defense against injuries and accidents.

A proper safeguarding system eliminates the following:

The chance that objects will fall near the operator or the machine itself

That the safeguard will create a new hazard. For example, if it creates an object that is sharp or jagged or causes other types of harm to the operator it completely defeats the purpose of the safeguard in the first place.

Interference- The operator or worker should be able to complete the job easily or comfortably without any interference.

Where Injuries Can Occur:

Point of Operation – This includes when the material is being worked on such as cutting, shaping, boring and

Motions – Where the machine is in motion, including rotating, transversing and reciprocating. Rotating motions can be especially dangerous as they continue to move continuously after grabbing a limb or piece of clothing. Examples of rotating mechanisms include collars, couplings, cams, clutches, flywheels, shaft ends, spindles and meshing gears.

Power Transmission Apparatus – This includes the areas of the machine that are transmitting power for the machine to work. This could include chains, pulleys, gears, and cranks.


Even with the highest standards of machine safeguarding, without the proper knowledge or training it cannot prevent against accidents completely. Proper safeguards should include instructions on how to use, the possible risks associated, as well as what to do if the safeguards are damaged

There are many non-mechanical hazards that can affect the safety and productivity of your operations. This could be electrical sources such as power outlets, chemical concerns, and noise levels. Here at BP Automation, we work to eliminate all hazards with machine safeguarding or plant assessment services. Having a machine safeguarding assessment or plant safeguarding done will protect your employees and improve productivity, as well as the morale and viability of the company.

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