Robotic process automation is now frequently found in virtual platform management tools, running in the background of self-provisioning and quickly moving beyond the basics of deploying and scaling virtual infrastructure. As automation continues to increase, business processes can be streamlined to increase efficiency and allow businesses to run on auto pilot with the continued helped of the right team members. It can provide many benefits such as alleviating training needs, increasing security, providing remote backups, increasing output, removing certain barriers like language and disabilities, and cost savings in the operation departments just to name a few.

Implementing these processes can be time consuming and require much change. Here are a few things to consider when automating your business:

Choose The Right Process To Automate

Know why the process needs to be automated and where. For example, where are your current bottle necks in your business and how much money are they costing you? You may have congestions in your production line or customer service problems that need to be addressed.


Not only should you test your systems before implementing, it would be ideal to test your systems with a full array of data to expect the errors and the problems that can occur. If you were to pack your system with up to 6 month of data you could understand what types of errors can occur and under which circumstances.

In this phase it is also important to consider what the implementation of this process will have on other process and phases in your business. If you automated one department will this cause overload or bottle neck in other areas of your business.

See chart below when considering other departments in your business during the robotic automation process:

business process automation
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Address Resistance

Many may have resistance to robotic applications due to the technology they must learn and they may have fear of job loss etc. Provide demonstrations and explain the process clearly always highlighting benefits. There should also be a new manual and procedure in place to allow the team to work with the new process and look back on should their be questions, resistance or problems they must face.


It is imperative, therefore, that any organisation considering automating its processes is able to successfully identify, understand and avoid the most common security issues associated with the technology itself. In addition to the common security errors found in the testing phase due to fails in technology there should be two factor authentication in place for all processes and training with team members to go over all security policies especially if dealing with sensitive information. Also all users who do not require use should not have authority and can prevent misuse of technology.

Encryption complements active directory integration as a means towards security of data use. If role-based access reduces internal security risks, encryption deals with protection of the company from external malicious attacks. High level encryption protocols protect the management details of the credential vault.


When it comes to automation the top subject typically always tends to be efficiency. Automation is, a huge digital transformation with the key initiative being to improve the speed and productivity of their business processes. Efficiency doesn’t always go hand in hand with security but when done properly can work effectively. By first laying out all inefficiencies in your business, then setting a plan in place to reduce time consuming and redundant activities custom software or specific automation technologies can be brought in that fit best with your business and remove duplicate and automate those labour intensive or complicated tasks. You may want to contact a process automation professional to work through this with your managing team.

Also when it comes to efficiency businesses must ensure that they have all team members well trained, not to complicate them and cause more stress, therefore less efficiency due to new technology and automation.

Automation can have many benefits leading to increase production and helping businesses rise to the next level. It can use limited resources and product an efficient and prosperous process with your business. If implemented carefully and correctly will benefit your business for years to come. For more information on how to implement automation in your business feel free to contact us today with any questions.