IIoT And Significance Of Implementing New Industrial Technologies

There is no doubt that no matter how you look at it, technology and automation are changing the way we do our jobs. The outcry about job losses and the removal of labour jobs around throughout the country does spark fear in many. However automation does provide a clear set of opportunities for Canadian workers. As the need to manage and create new technology there is a shift from repetitive and autonomous jobs to those with manual dexterity or higher cognitive skills.

Lets take a look at our local market. According to a recent study Alberta is well positioned to deal with the adjustment, “Alberta is tied for second place with British Columbia, and behind Ontario, in a study examining how well provincial economies will deal with automation.” . This is partially to due its high standard for literacy and numeracy and expands into digital problem-solving.

. Automation does provide new highly valued and well-paying jobs. A Deloitte study of automation in the U.K. found that 800,000 low-skilled jobs were eliminated as the result of automation technologies and artificial intelligence BUT 3.5 million new jobs were created. On average these jobs paid almost $13,000 more per year than the ones that were lost. Is there some discretion and confusion from those who lost jobs and how they can transalate their skills into new jobs? Absolutely this is going to happen, however, with the resources available today such as Palette Inc. to discover new jobs and uses for your skills the transition from the old to the new is much less daunting. They are a pilot designed to help mid-career workers whose jobs are threatened by automation to retrain and upskill into high demand careers in the innovation economy

As we continue to move into the shift from it is exciting to see the opportunities that wil give workers a time to utilize their skills and expand fulfillement and passion when it comes to their work. One of the top priorities we have here at BP Automation in Edmonton, AB is the ability to give our employees the chance to create new ideas and be at the cutting edge of automation technology.