Machine Hazard Assessment or Machine Risk Assessment is a component of a safe workplace. Not only should the design and the function of the machine be known, but the risks also need to be identified. Hazard around machines could include moving parts, radiation, electricity, noise, gas or liquid pressure.

machine hazard assessment

1) Identify Hazards – What type of hazards could occur, especially when it comes to the limitations of the machine.

2) Identify who will be hurt and how. Will this affect the operator or those around the machine as well and how could it possibly hurt those individuals. Examples include physical contact of the machine, chemical hazards, etc.

3) Identify risks and precautions. Employers do have a legal duty to records risks and hazard levels of machinery and record them via writing, training, etc.

4) Record all information and start implementation plan of all controls.

5) Review and check for necessary updates. Reassess accordingly to implementation plan.

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