types of automation

Automation solutions can help solve production challenges that manufacturers and producers currently face today and will continue to challenge their methods of scaling in 2020 and beyond. The future includes navigating problems such as rising costs and shrinking domestic labor pools. The latest article from Greenhouse Canada explains the challenges of the sector for production.

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According to Industrial Automation Online “Ultimately the manufacturer who is willing to invest in technology during the downturn will stand in greater stead, rebounding even stronger when the economy recovers.

Automation can be classified into various types. Let’s explore the various options and what they mean.

Fixed Automation

Fixed Automation is also known to be called hard automation where the set of production sequences is fixed by the equipment figuration. This is typically in the forms of gears or wiring. You will see fixed automation processes on automatic vehicle assembly lines, machining transfer lines, or certain chemical producing processes and assembly lines. Production is done with mass quantity and produced quickly however it is fixed so that product changes cannot be accommodated. The initial investment for fixed automation can be high but mass production and output of the product are then allowed. It is also still a lower investment than flexible automation that you will read about in this article as well.

Programmable Automation

This type of automation helps to adjust the sequence of operations in order to fit that specific need or production configuration required. Products are made in batches and reprogrammed for every new batch of production. Programmable production requires more time than fixed automation for production because of the time to changeover between products and programming the computer, however, it allows for more flexibility in what you can produce.

Case Study – Automatic Robotic Cutting

Case Study – Cutting and Milling

Flexible Automation

flexible Automation is programmable automation without the need to change programming. It allows for the production of multiple combinations and schedules of products so that new or separate batches are not required. This type of automation requires a higher investment as a custom engineering system must be designed. The result provides a system that can produce flexible design variations without any loss in production time.

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